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    Take attendance quickly with one Click
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Student Metrics

Designed by a teacher, for teachers


SMS and Email reminders keeps everyone on track


Customizable sessions and groups make scheduling easy


Why Student Metrics?

Case Study

Unlike other Response-to-Intervention (RTI) software on the market, Student Metrics will save teachers time and make it easier to get students the help that they need.


Other RTI software requires constant, time-consuming uploads of test data, statistics and other information.  In addition, teachers are given very few tools to help manage the real time movement of students who need intervention or enrichment. Student Metrics greatly simplifies and speeds up this process so teachers can spend time with students instead of software. 


Student Metrics offers a way, on a daily basis, to create real-time rosters for students to attend interventions or enrichment programs that your school offers.  Whether you're a school deep into full-blown, during-the-day interventions and enrichments, a school that offers before/after-school only tutoring, or individual teacher tutoring sessions, Student Metrics can help you schedule, manage, track, and report each student who attends. And, should you choose, students and/or parents can receive email/text alerts when scheduled for an intervention or enrichment session!


With a simple user interface for teachers, powerful reports for administrators, and totally customizable menu of options for your school, Student Metrics can help your school meet the needs of your RTI1, RTI2 and your RTI3 students with ease.


For teachers who juggle each of their students' individual needs every day

  • Kayla missed 2 weeks of Algebra because of the flu

  • Connor is so far ahead of my other students

  • Bailey has really been struggling with long division

  • My AP Stats class needs a little more practice before the AP test

Schedule a student to a session when the learning is fresh

As soon as you know a student needs help, use Student Metrics to schedule it, whether it’s before school, after school, or during school. The faster your students get help, the more impact it has on their learning.


See a daily roster of the students that are coming to your session for help

Each day, your welcome screen will tell you how many students are coming to see you that day for intervention or enrichment. With one easy click, you can see their names, find out who assigned them, see what they need to work on, and take attendance.


Avoid students being double-booked or removed from your session

With Student Metrics, once a student is assigned into a session for help or enrichment, they can’t be booked anywhere else, so there’s no chasing down a student to find out where they went that day. But, if that student needs to be in an RTI3/Admin-determined tutoring session, users with special permissions can change a student’s session assignment to get them the help they really need so they make the best progress possible.


For School Administrators who are held highly accountable for the success of their school

  • We’ve got to close that gap goal this year…

  • We really need a way to make sure our RTI2 students are getting the extra help they need…

  • Another parent conference about Brody; at least I can show them what he’s been working on...

  • Our top-tier kids really need a push this year…

Reports when you need them, how you need them

With the addition of Student Metrics to your school, you've equipped your teachers with a powerful tool to manage the needs of their students, which then comes to you or your administrative team in easy-to-run, easy-to-read reports whenever your need them, designed specifically around what your school offers to your students.


Connecting and informing parents

Depending on the level of communication your school needs, Student Metrics can send out text/email reminders to students and parents/guardians. As soon as the student is scheduled for an intervention or enrichment session, the alert goes out in real-time. Even students with text capabilities can get alerts so they stay on top of their learning, too! (This optional feature is coming soon. Additional fees apply.)


Customizable inputs for teachers, students, and sessions

It doesn't matter what sort of tutoring or enrichment system your school currently offers to help reach students, Student Metrics can help you manage that system.You tell us what sort of sessions your school offers and when, and Student Metrics can design the system around you so it’s impactful for your school.


Case Study


Here is what Student Metrics has to offer

Customizable Sessions

Student Metrics lets you customize sessions to suit your school's needs, and allows you to be as specific or as general as you want, from broad session headings like "Science tutoring" to specific ones like "Biology Tutoring with Mr. Givens" with ease.


Quick and Easy Student Assignment

Students can be assigned to sessions at any time so that as soon as they need help, they can get it.  Student Metrics also protects you from double booking your students so there's no confusion about where a student is supposed to be.  If needed, users with special permissions can change a student's session to include them in an RTI3/Admin-determined tutoring session and help them make the best progress possible.


Daily Agenda

Teachers can see a daily agenda that shows how many students are coming to them for intervention or enrichment that day. They can see the student's name, who assigned them, and what they need to work on.  Teachers can also take attendance for their sessions to keep track of who is showing up and who isn't.



Easy to breakdown reports can be produced with the option to choose which kinds of information you want to see on your report to meet the needs of your students, teachers, and school.


Email and Text Alerts

Connecting and informing parents with communications based on your school's needs. Student Metrics can send out alerts to students and parents/guardians when the student is scheduled in a session.

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Give us a call at 901.751.8866 or send an email to support@studentmetrics.com.

We'll be happy to discuss how Student Metrics can help you achieve your RTI goals.

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